Dr. Joy E. Hecht

Economic approaches to environmental governance:

Economic Approaches to Environmental Governance in Lebanon

Since March 2014, I have been working with the European Union-funded "Support to Reforms / Environmental Governance" (StREG) project in the Lebanese Ministry of Environment. I am the economist on the team, looking at opportunities for Lebanon to introduce economic tools that may strengthen its environmental management.

My work has focused in three areas; solid waste management, quarries, and industrial pollution. In each area I began with an assessment of the challenges Lebanon is facing, and the tools used elsewhere in the world to address similar concerns. Many tools that are effective elsewhere will not work in Lebanon, because of difficult broader governance challenges faced by the country. Some, however, do have some potential to be applied in Lebanon; for these, the initial assessments are being followed up by more in-depth studies that should be completed by spring, 2016.

Sectoral studies:

Solid waste management
Quarry management
Industrial pollution control

Terms of reference for further work on solid waste management and quarries:

TOR: fiscal issues and policy options in solid waste management
TOR: reducing demand for quarry products to protect the environment