Joy E. Hecht

back on
the road

Living in a house was overrated.

So I went back on the road in 2007, with a long work trip to Madagascar, followed by several months back in eastern Canada.

And I returned to writing about my travels, with somewhat more enthusiasm than I showed for writing about life in one place. After all, what is there to say about life in one place? "Yes, still in Arlington, Virginia. Yup, some more of Arlington, Virginia. And yet again the same things happening
in Arlington, Virginia."

The writing about my everyday life ended with this trip to Canada. It was formative, though, since I've ended up moving to Newfoundland. Perhaps sometime I'll write about that as well.

Back on the road:

Labrador Caravan

July 13, 2007 Little Bay Island
July 10, 2007 Corner Brook
July 8, 2007 Life with a Westy
July 5, 2007 Critters
July 1, 2007 Returning to Newfoundland
June 25, 2007 Identity
June 23, 2007 Gaspé
June 21, 2007 The North Shore
June 16, 2007 Baie Comeau to the north
June 14, 2007 Tadoussac
June 13, 2007 Quebec City
June 11, 2007 Montreal
June 5, 2007 The Start: Bus Fusion
June 1, 2007 The Plans


May 18, 2007 Stairs
May 13, 2007 Arriving in Antananarivo