Joy E. Hecht

fine arts

19th Street and Park Avenue

I grew up in New York City, whose constant movement, life, and color have a texture that I try to capture in many media.

medium: colored pencil and ink

Burin Cove

Bonne Bay is a long inlet surrounded by Gros Morne National Park, in western Newfoundland. I'd love to explore it in a kayak. Someday...

medium: ink

Narrows from The Rooms

The Rooms, the Newfoundland and Labrador provincial museum, has a sweeping view of St. John's harbor and the Narrows.

medium: colored pencil and ink


Originally photographed on a beach in North Carolina

medium: water color and ink

Riverside Drive

Riverside Drive runs up the western side of Manhattan; Riverside Park separates the avenue from the Hudson River. A fine stone wall borders the park.

medium: ink

Paris street

This is what I think of as an "architectural" drawing - texture neatly structured by the form of the buildings and the streets, and the focus on the shapes rather than the people animating the scene.

medium: colored pencil and ink

St. John's Harbor from The Rooms

St. John's is built around this splendid harbor; the best of the city looks down to the water and out to sea.

medium: ink

Rousseau garden beyond French doors

I painted this pair of trompe l'oeuil doors when I was 20, and my housemates and I wanted something to hide a partion we had built in a doorway. I found it again recently; the original was showing its age, but the photo will survive.

medium: poster paints

Hudson and Canal Streets 1

This is the view out a friend's window in lower Manhattan, from a photograph I took one rainy day.

medium: colored pencil and ink

Hudson and Canal Streets 2

This is the same view as the previous image, using a different medium.

medium: watercolor and ink

Western Newfoundland

This landscape is typical of the bays, inlets, and fjords in western Newfoundland.

medium: colored pencil and ink

Edinburgh Street

This was drawn out the window of a coffee house in Edinburgh, when I was there in 2008.

medium: ink

Caribbean Rose

The Caribbean Rose was moored in St. John's harbor in the summer of 2008. I like the brilliant yellow color.

medium: colored pencil and ink

The Narrows

The weather changes fast in St. John's; the view out the Narrows is more about wind and clouds and light than about hills and ocean,

medium: colored pencil and ink

St. John's from Signal Hill

From Signal Hill you can get a sweeping view of the coast and the sea in one direction, or the city in the other. Either way, the wind is a big part of the view.

medium: colored pencil and ink

Burin Cove

Burin is a coastal town in southern Newfoundland, on - surprise! - the Burin Peninsula. It's a finely textured area of small coves, bending roads, and modest hills, where the scenery changes repeatedly as you turn corners and get new views of the water and the land.

medium: colored pencil and ink