Joy E. Hecht photography

Cityscapes: New York

Second Avenue around 15th Street Riverside Drive
at dusk
South along the East River to the 59th St. Bridge
Looking north on Broadway
at Reade Street
Buildings seen from 68th Street & Second Avenue Looking north on Hudson Street from Chambers Street
People on the steps of the Metropolitan Museum of Art High school kids on 2nd Avenue. Three girls in Central Park
Second Avenue at 13th Street Man on the street Woman crossing Third Avenue near Bloomingdales
Riverside Drive near 72nd Street In the east 60s Central Park West looking north
465x620 NYC-SecondAve 477x620 NYC-RiversideDrive-dusk 750x563 NYC-59thStBridge 750x563 NYC-Broadway-ReadeSt 485x620 NYC-buildings 457x620 NYC-HudsonSt 499x620 NYC-Museum-steps 638x620 NYC-HSkids 750x590 NYC-kids-central-park 750x586 NYC-13th-Street 490x620 NYC-street-man 361x620 NYC-tall-girl 750x563 NYC-Riverside-Drive 750x563 NYC-east-side-streets 750x563 NYC-CentralParkWest