Dr. Joy E. Hecht

research, writing,
and consulting
on environmental
and sustainability

My work on indicators of environment and sustainability spans the United States and the developing world. Domestically, I was the founding executive director of the New Jersey Sustainable State Institute, a research and policy group affiliated with school of policy and planning at Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey. NJSSI is the keeper of a set of sustainability indicators tracking public and private sector progress in a range of areas related to the three axes of sustainability; you can explore them at their website. I also was an active member and environment group leader of the U.S. Forest Service Sustainable Minerals Roundtable, a public-private initiative to develop sustainability indicators for the minerals sector.

In the developing world, I have worked extensively on environmental indicators in Egypt, through the USAID-funded Egyptian Environmental Policy Program. I also worked with the national statistical office on the development of their environmental statistics system, reviewing available data and developing a strategy that we hoped would make them more accessible to potential users.

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